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Our Mission

Our mission is to build a globally recognized eco currency used by individuals, businesses and eco-projects providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to play their part in world sustainability. With it we enable:

  • Individuals to easily contribute to a sustainable future
  • Businesses to easily participate in a verified eco strategy
  • Eco projects to achieve their goals

    Contact Us

    EcoRewards NZ

    8 Moorgreen Heights
    Auckland 0630

    EcoRewards USA

    P.O. Box 1241
    Laurel MD. 20725

    Our Team

    We've an interesting crew, with a wide range of experiences and we're always on the look out for people who aren't afraid of hard work and big challenges. If you can see yourself working here and would like to join us, please send email to Doug at

    Doug Bell


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    Nate Hammond


    Nate is in charge of technical direction for ecopoints. He also serves as President of, which allows people to create Social Networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

    Gerard Byrnes

    Marketing Director

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    The Tree Lady

    Tea Lady

    Orginally, our Tea Lady was in charge of the scones and snack cart, but now she's taken to much, much more, so we've nick-named her "Tree Lady".


    What We Do

    Whenever someone or something is transported from one location to another, a measureable amount of carbon is released into the atmosphere creating a carbon footprint.

    Although many businesses are working towards reducing or eliminating their carbon footprints, a personal and localized DIY approach is still needed to bring businesses and the public together in more than just awareness, it must actually do something.

    This has led to the creation of EarthPoints, a back to basics coupon program allowing businesses and the public alike to compensate for their carbon footprints on a personal level when shopping both instore and online at participating retailers.

    Businesses wanting to participate in this program can do so at leisure as there are no length of participation contracts, no minimum qualifying transactions and no costs except the purchase of ecos and the coupons they are printed on.

    Businesses simply reward their customers by issuing eco coupons at will and for this they are featured as a Carbon Zero Destinations partner in our print and online directories.

    Customers redeem their eco coupons online and with every so many points collected they purchase a tree and donate it to the participating school or registered group of their choice.

    Save the earth

    The way nature intended it

    With Trees