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Aspiration With Ecos, you'll really know the difference you're making. We'll keep track of your overall contribution to the planet. And as you "Reward the Earth" with your points, we'll try and reward you too; with a recognition of your standing amongst peers, as well as other perks.
Motivation Level-up through various classes of an eco change agent. The more points you accumlate, the higher your standing. You can even earn badges and special tokens for significant achievements.
Fun Compete with friends. Grow the biggest tree farm around. Attach special messages to the trees you plant, without having to carve your initals in them. It's a lot more fun than chaining yourself to a bulldozer!
Eco Status Levels

10 points

Everyone starts here just by signing-up and showing you care. We even give you 10 points just to get you started.


100 points (1 tree)

Did you know that 1 tree will reduce one ton of carbon? That’s about 35 Toyota Camrys!


1,000 points (10 trees)

Members in this class have done more for our planet than most people have in their lifetimes. The 10+ trees they’ve planted have effectively offset someone driving around their big gas-guzzling SUV for a year!


2,000 points (20 trees)

An average person produces 20 tons of carbon per year. A contribution of 20 trees has compensated for their "carbon footprint" this year. That's pretty awesome.


6,000 points (60 trees)

Not only have these members balanced their carbon but they've also offset the carbon footprint of a family of four! They’ve shown they are serious about helping our planet and have gone beyond just compensating for their own usage.


10,000 points (100 trees)

Rare is the person who attains the esteemed ECOGUARDIAN class. As Guardian of the Planet they've balanced themselves, their family, and even the family next door.


30,000 points (300 trees)

The highest level. A total of 300 trees can counter balance the amount of pollution one person produces in a lifetime. These members are held in the highest esteem. We'll celebrate our appreciation with a special certificate and an entrance into our Hall of Fame.

Save the earth

The way nature intended it

With Trees